Born in 1982: The Personal Digitalization History Of An Almost Millennial

When British prime minister Boris Johnson wins a contest for a most offensive poem, people laugh and elect him for being natural and entertaining. He is a politician. His job is to practice diplomacy.

When model Heidi Klum dances in a torn dress laying bare her underwear people criticize. Heidi is an entertainer. Her job is to be entertaining. The situations look different at first, but at a second glance they scream #bias.
Were you born in 1982, too? How does it feel to mark the beginning of one of the most influential generations of the presence? Global teenagers, generation Y, millennials — I wanted to investigate the technology patterns and their influence on my personal development. The result was the following technological hockey stick (Check out the complete Prezi for zoom-in features.):

By now I will leave it uncommented. But it was such fun creating this overview that I can't help continuing this investigation for other areas, too. To be continued …
FEBRUARY, 22 / 2018

Text author: Tina Ruseva
Photography: Pexels
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