One of the digital pioneers in Germany, an entrepreneur, future of work expert, and an inspiring speaker, Tina is an advocate for diversity, empowerment, and entrepreneurship as a means to tackle the increasing inequality in the workplace.
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"Entrepreneurship is the most powerful tool for change."

Tina Ruseva
Tina studied Computer Science, Journalism & Business, sometimes being claimed a T-shaped, sometimes a Digital Native, usually an entrepreneur. For her it all belongs together as technology has always been driving society forward, especially through innovation & entrepreneurship.
The digital transformation has not left a single area of life untouched, including work. The Big & Growing New Work Festival is an innovative conference and think tank with the goal to connect all stakeholders in a democratic, diverse, and inclusive platform, and contribute to a future of work that is both high-tech and high-human.
As work complexity is rising, driven by disruptive technologies and globalisation, learning is becoming a core capability for organizations. Mentessa develops a software platform that helps organizations build a connected learning culture and help people learn and work together in the distributed workplace.
The first online fitness app in Europe started as an idea in 2009 with the emergence of the iPhone. Funded by an EXIST grant the company pivoted towards a live-streaming platform for video trainings until it ceased to exist in 2013. It won numerous international awards for innovation.
After her startup Tina finished her PhD in Innovation Management and supported companies like Allianz, Fraunhofer, and WERK1 in their accelerator programs. Ever since she has engaged as a consultant, mentor, and member of the jury at startup competitions. Recently she became an expert advisor to the European Commission.
How is digitisation changing work? What does this mean for organisational management? How to design a purpose-driven workplace? The Big & Growing New Work Festival is offering a platform for discussion in a creative unconference format.


In 2019 Big & Growing gathered more than 1300 participants in Munich - with 100 speakers, on 8 days, 19 locations, and 50 sessions, with 1 mission #makepurposework
In 2019 Tina published her first book. With book reading events at Google Munich, The Vault in San Francisco, or TU Munich, she is living her purpose to inspire people to embrace entrepreneurship as the most effective tool to make the world a better place.
The benefit of purpose is the courage to pursue it.
Big Heart Ventures
Increasing technology efficiency has set us free to start a business at a cost lower than ever before. Doing the things right is a given. In the face of global challenges, it is about time to focus on doing the right things.

With "Big Heart Ventures - Purpose-driven Entrepreneurship for the Next Age of Technology" she discusses the relationship between her favourite topics: technology, entrepreneurship, and purpose.
Looking for an inspirational experience for your company employees or conference visitors? Tina's passion for technology, entrepreneurship, and purpose, as well as her unique and authentic presentation style are a safe bet for an easy to follow, yet insightful experience.
Keynote topics
Individualised to your audience
"From High-Tech to High-Human" explains the ongoing transformation of the workplace and the future trends. It is a fact-based presentation for larger audiences that facilitates a subsequent discussion & engagement of the audience.

Topics: New Work, Future of Work, Digitisation
Target group: Human resources & innovation professionals, management
Duration: 45 Minutes
"Start on Purpose" is an inspirational keynote that uses trendy space metaphors to illustrate the meaning of the terms purpose, mission, and values. It is original, easy to follow, and in its extended version very interactive.

Topics: Purpose. Motivation, Entrepreneurship
Target group: Students, young founders, entrepreneurs
Duration: 30 Minutes up to 120 Minutes
"Big & Growing" is an informative, fact-based TED-talk style keynote on the current technology trends driving the digital transformation like e.g. convergence, decentralisation, and the disruptive technologies that drive them.

Topics: 4th Industrial Revolution, Digitisation, AI
Target group: Human resources & innovation professionals, management
Duration: 30 Minutes
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